Think Like a Lawyer!!!

The professor of a contract law class asked one of his better students, "If you were to give someone an orange, how would you go about it?" The student replied, "Here's an orange." The professor was outraged. "No! No! Think like a lawyer!" The student then replied, "Okay. I'd tell him `I hereby give and … Continue reading Think Like a Lawyer!!!


Pengetikan Buku Untuk Tuna Netra

Halo semuanya...  ikutan yuk... Daftar ke nomor hp yang tertera di poster dengan format: PBUT_Nama_Nomor HP_Email Sampai ketemu yaa..... ps. keterangan lebih lanjut bisa dibaca di sini juga ya:


It just happened that in one of the trivia questions asked during the Binus English Week competition is about Palindrome. To Indonesian students, this might not be that a familiar word. What does this mean? Let's take a look at it. Definition of Palindrome found on Wiki page says "a palindrome is a word, phrase, number, or … Continue reading Palindrome

Real Notes Written by Parents in School District

I took this from ( on 18 Dec 2012. I thought I'd share it on my blog simply to smile. -------------------- These are real notes written by parents in the school district. Spellings have been left intact. 1. My son is under a doctor’s care and should not take PE today. Please execute him. 2. … Continue reading Real Notes Written by Parents in School District